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2016-03-31 10:27 am
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Jane's Stats

Janette Johanna Crocker

AGE || 24 (April 13)
HEIGHT || 5'0"
OCCUPATION || Research Librarian at Skaia University, where she attends as a graduate student (Crim Law major/Forensics minor). She received an undergraduate (English/Library Science double major/Music minor) there, as well.
LOCATION || Apartment Complex about 15 minutes from campus


HP || 8
MAGIC || 6
SPEED || 6


Life Drain/Gift:
Jane has the ability to drain and give life to others. She can heal injuries, but in doing so she will siphon some of her own health (think Green Mile). She can choose instead, so should she wish, to siphon life from one person and gift it to another. Doing so will leave her exhausted. She can drain an enemy's life, and give it to herself, adding to her own HP and strength. Yes, she can raise the dead, but doing so would put her in a state of extreme exhaustion, perhaps worse depending on the severity of the cadaver's injuries.

Nature Control:
Jane can make plants do her bidding. This could be as simple as making a flower bloom or as complicated as sending vines to bind her opponent.

Jane is incredibly strong, but this is less due to any sort of supernatural ability and more to do with her father's training. With this also comes a talent for sparring, hand-to-hand combat, and some weapon training.

Other Powers That Have Yet To Be Developed (These powers are advanced, and will take some time to emerge)
Trickery Powers:
The ability to make multiple copies of herself
Voice Manipulation/ Vocal Throwing Ability
Various magic skills/tricks